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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  August 16, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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might be moving out of the country. i just could not deal. >> that's a kangarat. that's what it is. >> you know chupacabra is a mythical creature that means goat sucker. >> emphasis on myth. >> mythical, yes. apparently, legend has it the reason why it got its name is because it fed on livestock and killed farm animals and stuff. >> we try to avoid myth and legend during the news. >> but a lot of people are saying, is it a chupacabra? >> probably not. >> we don't think it is. who knows what that thing is? >> it's ugly. that's what it is. stay with us. "news 4 today" continues at 5:00 a.m. river mess. this morning a big cleanup job is under way. where crews are trying to contain an oil spill. plus mysterious disappearance.
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the ruling in the case of a local man held in aruba in connection with the varbing of a maryland woman. good morning to you. i'm joe krebs. >> and i'm eun yang. welcome to "news 4 today" on this tuesday, august 16th, 2011. we'll take a live look outside at 5:00 a.m. it is 68 degrees. a touch of humidity, but the temperatures are coolerme. it's pretty comfortable out there right now. 5:01. time for weather and traffic on the ones. >> that's a mouthful. >> it is. even later today it's going to be nice outside, nice start, nice finish for the day. we're just going to see some very spotty light showers. that's it for the day. we've got a lot less to worry about weather-wise. let's head on out the door. we're about 1 hour, 22 minutes from sunrise. 73 is the temperature, just gone up a degree. and the wind's picking up a little bit too. we're at 13 miles an hour. just an hour ago, we're at 9 miles an hour. oxon hill at 68.
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berry farms at 73. good morning to you folks in oak there is t oakton, maryland, you're at 68 degrees. cloudy skies. a little more sunshine by noontime. a chance for the afternoon of getting spotty light showers around the area. it's barely going to be enough to turn the windshield wipers on. so just kind of some new showers for today. let's get a look at traffic now. danella? let's get a look at our area bridges. i'm checking bridges for you, and i don't see anything on the bridge slowing you down. here's a live look starting out at american legion bridge in maryland. both directions crossing the bridge clear. nothing is slowing you down. shooting over to the key bridge, i love how it lights up. it looks so angelic at this time of morning. good morning. so far, if you're taking the key bridge, again, nothing standing in your way. as we shoot over to the 14th street bridge. if only it could look this great at 6:00 in the morning. i will back in ten minutes with another look. eun and joe, back to you. >> thanks, danella.
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we're following a developing story out of northeast washington. that's where crews are trying to clean up an oil spill in the anacostia river. the oil was first spotted around 6:00 last night near the benning road bridge. it has since spread nearly two nautical miles from the new york avenue bridge. melissa mollet has more on the cleanup. >> reporter: good morning. quite a mess on the anacostia overnight. we spoke with the coast guard. they put things on hold for now because it is so dark. so hard to see anything. they're going to be assessing the situation again at daylight and, of course, bringing a crew in to begin cleanup. they'll also be sending a helicopter up early this morning to get a better visual of how large this spill is. take a look at the water last night. they don't know where the oil came from, what caused the spill or the number of gallons that have seeped into the water thus far. d.c. fire crews, the coast
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guard, and the environmental protection agency out on the scene much of the night trying to contain this spill. they did ferry out containment booms to the 11th street bridge and benning road and believe the oil is covering a two-mile stretch between the bridge and new york avenue. they did do some field tests out here last night, and the tests show it is petroleum based. the call went out at 6:00 last night. when firefighters arrived, they say they saw a sheen across the water that was clearly visible. at this point the coast guard tells us it's really too early to know what type of wildlife might be affected right now. again, they should be out in a couple of hours trying to assess what is going on. back to you. >> thanks very much. melissa mollet reporting live. thank you. 5:04 now. this morning be prepared for delays while crews repair a road in prince george's county. you can blame this great big water main break that created this massive sinkhole in upper marlboro, maryland. crews fixed water main, but the
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road will take longer to repair. it broke between brentwood way and carroll way on osborne way. they were able to restore water service to customers last night. new from overnight, a suspected u.s. drone attack killed four militant ins pakistan. pakistani intelligence says that missiles hit a house in north waziristan just before dawn. two other suspected militants were injured. north waziristan is considered a main sanctuary for the taliban and al qaeda. this morning the fbi is c looking into the possibility that the kidnapping of a maryland man in pakistan may have been an inside job. three security guards with now in custody. gunmen took the man from his home in lahore early saturday morning. they told nbc news they found evidence of a struggle. so far no groups have claimed responsibility for the kidnapping or demanded a ransom. weinstein is from rockville. he worked as a development expert for j.e. austin associates based in arlington,
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virginia. weinstein was supposed to return to the u.s. yesterday after seven years in pakistan. 5:05 is the time. the gaithersburg man arrested following a woman's disappearance in aruba will stay behind bars. a judge says there is enough evidence to keep gary giordano locked up for 16 days while investigators try to figure out what happened to robyn gardner. giordano was the last person to see her before she went missing. he told police she never came back from snorkeling. news 4's jackie bensen spoke with aruba's top prosecutor. he says being able to document giordano's past violence towards women helped convince a judge to allow investigators more time to look into her disappearance. >> we need to know about this person and about their relation and have there been problems before so we can fill in the blanks in what we know at the moment. >> of course, jackie bensen is continuing to work every angle of the story in aruba. she'll have a live report of
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what's next in the investigation coming up on "news 4 today" at 6:00 a.m. >> 5:06 now. 68 degrees. ahead why some judges in the uk are being told not to worry
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listen up, sleepy head. no alcohol before bed may actually be the trick to a good night's rest. researchers in japan studied ten adults for these results. each had night caps about an hour and a half before bed. then they had higher heart rates while they slept. researchers say this leads to symptoms of insomnia, a lack of deep sleep, and difficulty staying asleep. experts say this could have a long-term negative effect on health if drinking before bed becomes a habit. what did they do, go into cheers and clean out the last group of people in the bar and say, come in, we want to study you. >> what constitutes a night cap? i heard, if you have a glass of
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wine, it would help you fall asleep. >> it's probably a night cap. you tell me. does it work? >> yes, i would not be able to sleep or wake up if i had a drink. >> the waking up part is it. that's the dangerous part. almost 5:11. let's take another look at weather and traffic on the ones. veronica johnson in storm center 4. >> i'm sure doing a night cap is hard and serious business on this morning shift. outside right now, boy, it is quiet. a really nice day coming our way. we've got clouds out there right now, but the fact we're going to have such few showers around today compared to the last couple of days, we'll be doing okay. 73 is the temperature. happy tuesday here. adams morgan, you're at 73. largo, maryland, you're coming in at 69 degrees. baileys crossroads at 68. and sandy spring, maryland, at 66 degrees. by 10:00 a.m. we'll be up to 79.
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close to 80 degrees by noon. topping just over 80 degrees at 82. clouds now, more sunshine, but still with that low pressure system moving away. a very slight chance for isolated showers. here's a look at your four-day planner. still pretty consistent on the forecast for tomorrow. a lot of sunshine. 88 the high. we'll talk about that next weather system coming in for the end of the week in just a couple of minutes. >> good morning. let's take a live look starting in maryland. this is redland road and crabbs branch way. no accidents for you. same in d.c., this is second and "h," clear as well. and the rails open, and so far all are looking good. metro, marc, vre all running on or close to schedule. joe and eun, back to you. >> thank you very much, danella. >> it is 5:12. 67 degrees. coming up, bragging rights for one local town.
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investigators in indiana are trying to figure out whether design flaws contributed to this stage collapse at the state fair. wind gusts that hit 70 miles an hour, knocked it down on saturday night, killing five people. authorities are also looking into whether fair organizers responded quickly enough to an approaching storm. janet jackson and lady antebellum were expected to perform later in the week on that very same stage. those concerts have now been cancelled. casey anthony's legal team says they will appeal a ruling
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to enforce casey anthony's one-year probation that would bring her out of hiding. she's been in hiding since she was acquitted on charges she murdered her 2-year-old daughter caylee. her address will remain confidential, but she would have to reveal her income and who's paying her. the latest victim of bernie madoff's upon city scheme may be his marriage. ruth madoff has officially cut ties with her husband by filing for divorce. ruth madoff has not visited her husband since their son mark committed suicide last december. madoff is serving a 150-year prison sentence for the ponzi scheme that stole billions of dollars from investors. and canadian and u.s. authorities searching for a college student who overstepped a safety railing and fell into niagara falls over the weekend found another body instead. the 19-year-old exchange student from japan climbed over a
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railing to pose for a picture. when she got up, she lost her footing and fell on sunday. no foul play is suspected in this incident. the woman's identity is not being released until officials can notify her relatives in japan. meantime, researchers found a man's remains at the base of the falls in an area known as the whirlpool. authorities are working with the coroner's office to identify the body. police say the two incidents are not connected. a man accused of a bizarre bomb hoax in australia and then hiding out in the u.s. will be in court today. paul peters was arrested at his ex-wife's house in louisville, kentucky. he broke into a woman's home in sydney, australia, earlier this month, put what appeared to be a bomb around her neck, and made a list of demands. ten hours later police determined that the device around her neck was a fake. after today's court hearing, peters is expected to be extradited to sydney to face charges there. four rail stations in san francisco had to be shut down
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during the height of rush hour after a protest organized by a group of hackers. they ordereded the group to descend on the bart stations last night. police later closed the stations citing overcrowding. civic organizations have criticized bart for shutting down cell phone service last week over a protest about a shooting. anonymous also hacked one of the bart's websites. those round up for riots last week in england can expected to be judged harshly. the scale of civil disobedience means that many involved in the anarchy would get a prison sentence. others believe they should get community payback sentences to help clean up damage during the riots. police have identified several members of a flash mob, but this morning they're looking for others who robbed a 7-eleven in germantown this morning. it's a story you saw first on
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news 4. it shows a group of young adult and teenagers grabbing snacks and sodas and walking out without paying. police are showing the videos to area businesses in the hopes they'll recognize those involved. police are also checking facebook and twitter to see if anyone posted videos of the crime. today president obama is waking up in iowa. today will talk jobs, unveiling some initiatives to create jobs and boost the economy. the president is in the middle of a three-day campaign style bus tour through the midwest. at a stop in waiowa, he criticid congress for the country's near default. he promised to unveil a new economic plan when congress returns from vacation. >> they start paying attention or they're not going to be in office. we'll have a new congress in there that will start paying attention to what is going on all across america. >> the white house insists the bus tour is not a campaign swing. leesburg is being honored as one of the country's best small
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towns. cnn money named the town number four on its list of best small towns. the reason good jobs, long history, and pretty surroundings. making the top 100, herndon, virginia, at 34th. montclair, virginia, 35th. manassas park, virginia, 56th. and crofton, maryland, 82nd. lots of small towns. although people in leesburg might say we don't live in a small town. we live in a big town. >> it is a nice town. guess they haven't heard of fairwood, though. a study says that nice guys finish last. >> researchers looked at the link between personality and wages and found that agreeable workers earn significantly less than their meaner colleagues. that's according to a study by researchers at cornell, notre dame, and university of ontario. nice guys earn $10,000 a less
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than mean guys. disagreeable women make $2,000 annually more than women who are willing to compromise. >> i don't think that's true. i spent most of my life being a jerk, and my paycheck does not reflect that. >> i don't think there is a single l person on earth who would call you a jerk, joe krebs. >> ask my family. my siblings. i've got eight siblings and a wife and kids. they know me best. >> not true. >> all right, veronica. >> joe is one of the sweetest guys around. >> oh, please. oh, please. let's talk about what we've got coming up at least for this week and the coming weeks. we're talking about summer-type weather that's going to be kinder, more gentle for the area. 73 is the current reading right now. we're going up to a high temperature of 86 degrees. clouds out there right now.
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i think today we're going to have a little more sunshine around the area. look at the reading in gaithersburg and olney, maryland, 64 degrees. mid-60s to the south around waldorf, maryland, 65 degrees. upper 60s off to the west of the yesterday we had hefty storms come back to the area. look at the radar this morning. it is so quiet. had a few showers come through west virginia. those started drying up. story for today, that big area of low pressure that caused all the rain, especially in new england, where new york around laguardia got hammered with a month or two months worth of rain today. that system heading up to maine. we've got this west to northwesterly wind that's going to continue to dry us out. that said, still a very slight chance for isolated showers around the area throughout the day today as well as the afternoon mostly off to the west. so a little more sunshine today, going up to a high of 86 degrees. as far as your day planner forecast, 79. 82 to 83 degrees.
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i'll step out of the way and show you your planner here with some of our breezy conditions coming your way, 84 to 87. the evening, 75 to 79. real quick, your four-day forecast, jeor justigorgeous fo. a live look 95 north at the occoquan. i am seeing some volume happening as you head north out of dale city and make your way towards the occoquan here. so far no major delays, no accidents on 95 north or south, but volume is picking up out of dale city. as we take a look at 270 in maryland, this is at 109, slow out of urbanna and slow as you make your way towards the weigh station. good news is on 270 in both directions no accidents for you. as you head down towards the spur, the ride becomes smoother at this time. and in d.c., new york avenue is clear at bladensburg. i can tell you i checked 295 and route 15, and i don't see any accidents there either.
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so far the commute is clear. back to you, joe and eun. >> danella, thanks very much. high flyball left field, hit well. young going back to the track, to the wall, it's gone! >> that is not just any home run. that is jim thome's 600th homer of his career. thome is only the eighth player to reach that mark in major league history. he hit two homers on the night to reach that milestone. thome was joined by his entire team, along with his family, to celebrate. his two homers helped the twins to win 9-6 over the tigers. nationals officials aren't afraid to spend some money when it comes to signing young talent. they signed all of their draft picks to contracts reaching $6.6
5:26 am
million. they were able to offer big signing bonuses. infielder anthony rendon got the biggest contract. a running back ran right out of redskins training camp. james davis was supposed to be the fourth spring running back. davis and a coach got into an argument at a team meeting. davis wanted more playing time. he walked out and still hasn't walked back in. it's not clear at this point that the team will welcome him back in. you can't walk out on training camp. even a little exercise goes a long way to give you a longer, healthier life. >> researchers in taiwan found that just 15 minutes of physical activity every day can increase your life expectancy by three years. they found people who exercised on average 92 minutes a week cut their risk of death by 14% compared to those who did not work out at all. it also promoted mental well-being. researchers say that 15 minutes is the minimum.
5:27 am
the more exercise the better. on the flip side of that, researchers in australia say that once you hit the age of 25, you lose 22 minutes of your life for every hour you spend watching tv. they calculate the people who watch six hours of tv every day lose five years less than someone who does not watch any tv at all. that's comparable to people who smoke or who don't exercise at all. what about those who watch tv while they're on the treadmill? >> yeah, that's a point. who watches six hours of tv a day? can you tell me? are they the same people who sleep ten hours a night? >> i watch it when i'm on it. >> that's about it. >> there you go. if you're going to watch tv, run on the treadmill. >> have a night cap and try not to watch too much tv. it is 5:27. coming up, a local deputy
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this morning a big cleanup job is under way. plus the local man being held in aruba is not going anywhere. what aruba's top prosecutor says about the case. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> good morning. i'm joe krebs. welcome back to "news 4 today." it's tuesday, the 16th day of august. take a live look outside this morning. a little humidity in the air, 67 degrees. all in all, not a bad way to start the day. >> it's a cooler start. we're wondering -- rain's out, is that right? >> rain's out for the most part. might be a light shower here and there. for the most part, it's going to be dry. as far as the return of rain, that's going to come at the end of the work week. you'll want to take advantage here of today and especially tomorrow too. let's head on outside. we do have some clouds overhead. the temperatures running at 73 degrees. a few degrees up from yesterday here. west-northwest wind at 13 miles per hour. it is going to be a breezy day as temperatures top out at
5:32 am
around 85 to 86 degrees. some locations for you right there. capitol hill at 73 degrees. prince george's county at 68. mary field at 68 degrees. up in montgomery county, silver spring, maryland, is at 64. we top out at 85 to 86. by 10:00 a.m., 79 degrees. noontime, 82. a chance for a very light shower, sprinkle any time during the day today really. probably a little better during the afternoon. danel danella? >> good morning. i have an accident in virginia on the beltway. we're talking the inner loop on the leesburg pike off ramp. that's where the accident is. be aware as you make your commute. so far we're in the green. it's not slowing you down too much as of yet. we're still slow on 270 as we head south towards route 109. your delays start in urbanna. as we head down towards shady grove. so far shady grove is clear all the way to the spur. traveling northbound, you're clear. i don't see any accidents for you either. 395 in both directions, clear as well as you make the commute
5:33 am
over the 14th street bridge. nothing is slowing you down. also, traveling on the rails, still a good time to be traveling. i don't see any delays on the metro, marc, or vre. back to you, joe and eun. >> thank you very much. danella. to a developing story this morning, in northeast d.c., crews are trying to stretch out an oil spill stretching nearly two miles in the anacostia river. the oil has since spread from the new york avenue bridge all the way down to the 11th street bridge. news 4's melissa mollet joins us live from the coast guard headquarters in southwest with more on the spill and the cleanup. melissa, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you, eun. at this point, we spoke with coast guard officials, they say what they're going to be doing is waiting a few more hours until we get a little more daylight and they can see better what really happened. right now sort of on hold until they can get out, assess the situation in a little bit, and start cleanup. they're going to bring in cleanup crews as well.
5:34 am
they'll also be sending up a helicopter to get a better visual of how large this spill is. take a look atwat the water fro last night. they have no idea where the oil came from, what caused the spill, or the number of gallons that seeped into the water. coast guard crews and epa out on the scene much of the night trying to contain the spill. they did ferry out containment booms to the 11th street bridge and benning road. they believe the oil is covering an area two miles long between the bridge and new york avenue. d.c. fire officials did do some field tests out here last night. those field tests showed them it is petroleum based. the call went out around 6:00 last night with a report of oil in anacostia. when firefighters arrived, they said they could see that sheen across the water. it is clearly visible, as you can see in the video. it's just too early to know what wildlife might be affected. again right now, the coast guard has been handed this investigation, and they will be
5:35 am
back out here in just a couple of hours to try to determine what happened on the ground, in the water, kind of on the bank of the river from the water and up in the air. go ahead, eun. >> so, melissa, the oil has been w contained, and it's not in the river? >> reporter: at this point they believe it's contained in the two containment booms they ferried out overnight. they do not believe it's gone north or south of those booms, but they'll be able to tell a bit better later on this morning. >> melissa mollet, thanks so much. the man arrested following a woman's disappearance in aruba will stay behind bars. police say there is enough evidence to keep gary giordano locked up for 16 days while they try to figure out what happened to robyn gardner. jackie bensen spoke with the solicitor general, and she continues our coverage from oranjestad.
5:36 am
>> reporter: aruba's top prosecutor gives credit in part to the brave men and women in maryland who came forward and told of being terrorized by gary giordano. 50-year-old giordano of gaithersburg was led from a jail cell with a cloth covering his head on his way from the san nicholas police station to the prison for a 16-day stay. aruba's top prosecutor said being able to document the suspect's past violence toward women helped him convince a judge to give prosecutors more time to look into the disappearance and presumed death of 35-year-old robyn gardner. >> we need to know about this person and about their relation. have there been problems before so we can fill in the blanks of what we know at the moment. >> aruba's solicitor general spoke to a judge who allowed him to double the standard eight-day detention in these cases. >> any time you decide to detain someone or prolong the detention
5:37 am
means the burden of proof gets higher. we felt we had enough to work out both periods at the same time. and apparently, the judge came to the same conclusion. >> giordano alleges gardner disappeared while the two were snorkeling at this beach. but investigators say they had doubts about his story from the beginning, and while the sea there yields debris every day, investigators have yet to find a trace of robyn gardner. >> and that he is involved in that because the statements which are not in compliance with what we have learned during the investigation. >> reporter: the case of rob there is yn gardner has caused unwelcome publicity for this tourism driven thailand. but people here feel great sympathy towards the family. jackie bensen, news 4. >> robyn gardner's mother released a statement. "we are confident of the judge's
5:38 am
decision to keep gary giordano in custody. we are still hoping to find out what happened to our daughter as we have not given up hope she may still be alive. " another school year, another push to let students in virginia sleep in a little longer. most high schools in fairfax county start at 7:20 a.m. a group that advocates for a later start time say some students have to be ready to get to school as early as 5:30. the school system has set up a message board for parents to voice their concerns this year, and a majority say they want school to start later. any fairfax county parent that wants to weigh in can go to and you can take part in our annual backpacks 4 kids campaign. we'll have much more at 6:00 a.m. this morning. it is 5:38. the run-in that
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a relatively cool summer day for us. time now 5:41 as we head
5:42 am
outdoors. look at the fiery sunrise, getting close to coming up. 5:23 this morning. cleaveark at 73 degrees. tyson's corner, you are at 68. coming in now, ashton at 66. coming up to a high today of 86 degrees. expect some isolated light showers around the area today. that is it. 88 tomorrow. it's going to be a beautiful day tomorrow. danella? >> good morning. i have report of an accident. inner loop of the beltway right as you exit onto leesburg pike. a live look. congestion is building in our area. let's take a look. 66 east at gallows road. your lanes are becoming full. so far no accidents on 66 in either direction, inside and outside of the beltway. shooting over to 95, same thing. volume is increasing here. your volume increases as you head out of dale city and make your way towards 395. here's a look at fairfax county parkway. you can see traffic is building
5:43 am
just a bit. good news on 95. i don't see any accidents for you either. back in ten minutes with another update. joe and eun, back to you. coming
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police records show that 91-year-old viola drath had a tumultuous relationship with her husband. in 2006 drath's husband muth was accused of hitting her with a chair, pounding her head on the floor, and sitting on her. her husband, who is 30 years younger than his wife, said she fell.
5:47 am
but her injuries were inconsistent with a fall. drath was found dead in her home on sunday. hikers found human remains near a trail in the george washington national forest. the hikers found the body friday afternoon in the mt. pleasant area. no word on the person's identity or the cause of death. the fbi says the medical examiner's office will conduct an autopsy on the remains soon. military pensions could be cut because some consider them unaffordable in today's economic tim times. currently any service members that serve 20 years in the military is eligible for retirement at half their salary. after a pentagon study, some believe a 401(k) style plan could save billions. any changes to the current system could require congressional approval. while all eyes are on the presidential race, a local senate candidate is getting a major leg up in 2012. george allen is receiving a high
5:48 am
profile endorsement from house majority leader and congressman eric cantor. the endorsement solidifies allen's grin on virginia. if allen wins the nomination, he will likely face another virginia governor, democrat tim kaine. virginia's senate race will be one of the most watched races in 2012 as it may decide which party will control the senate and therefore perhaps congress. today activists will protest in several cities across the country in a program that uses immigrants. the program is called secure communities. law enforcement use it to scan fingerprints of people arrested to find illegals. some local police stations try to opt out of secure communities, but they want to continue the program. some say it amounts to racial profiling. this morning a prince george's county deputy is behind bars accused of assaulting another woman.
5:49 am
26-year-old jennifer nicole douglas was arrested on sunday morning. she was fighting with another woman over car keys. it quickly turned into a physical fight. douglas then pulled out her badge and a handgun and pointed her gun at the other woman's head. douglas was off duty at the time. she drove off, but police eventually pulled her over. she now faces several charges. two men accused of carjacking a woman in west virginia are now in custody, found way across the country. they held a gun to a woman's head and demanded money as she was leaving a cvs pharmacy in terlling. police arrested two men in garden city, kansas, on sunday, who had the woman's stolen credit cards with them. both men are from sterling and are expected to be extradited back to loudoun county. mothers now have medical support to back up their forgetfulness.
5:50 am
it could actually be a condition called momnesia. news 4's megan mcgrath looked into this version of memory loss. >> absolutely. i suffer from it. >> does sound like an appropriate term. >> it fits. absolutely fits. >> reporter: these moms all admit their memories aren't quite as strong as they used to be. why? parenting expert and i-village blogg blogger jenny thinks they may be suffering from something called momnesia. >> having children completely turns your world upside down. i wrote the story on my blog, and learned it was a story affecting all of us. >> reporter: this suggests jill may be on to something. >> i think it started happening after the first baby was born. >> i can't remember what to put on the grocery list, what to need when you get to the store, and sometimes you don't even have the list there. >> reporter: what's behind all of this forgetfulness?
5:51 am
sleep and stress. >> even when we don't have the newborns, we're still checking. i sleep with one eye and one ear open. after you have kids, you're juggling so much. >> reporter: jill recommends a few ways to counteract this affliction. >> get your zs. put down the book, turn off the tv, get your loose ends tied up, and make an effort to get as much as you can. delegating is huge. we go into a grocery store. i will tell my kids each maybe four items. and then we make it a game. >> reporter: and, moms, don't think the minds of your males are sliding by on this one. >> that goes for dads also. so it's one of those things you always don't want your husband to be looking like, yeah, i have to too. the truth is they might. they have a lot more on their plate as well. >> reporter: while mom and dad are struggling to remember where the car keys are, remember you'll always have your kids. >> they remember everything. they remember it all. remember that time right after i
5:52 am
was born. they've got it all. >> reporter: megan mcgrath, "news 4 today." >> explains a lot. experts also recommend that moms rely on a calendar, ask for help, and take some personal time if you find yourself suffering from momnesia. veronica and i are nodding our heads. absolutely. we definitely have momnesia. after three each, imagine where our memory is. >> i need a clone for myself. >> every week, joe krebs. joe krebs. >> i am joe krebs. okay. and this is where you work. >> nbc 4. yes. recalculate my brain. >> we just have to -- >> if we could figure out how to get more sleep, veronica. would that solve our problems? >> it's all of it together, multitasking and stress. at least we're going to get rid of some of the weather stress today. not going to have to worry about heavy rain. not even going to have to worry about the heat for today. yesterday our high was 86 degrees. that was our coolest day since
5:53 am
july the 16th. today it's going to be another cool one around the area. now we're starting to see things kind of taper off a bit. 73 degrees your current temperature. 13-mile-per-hour dry winds out of northwest. so the showers that tried to come in, those have been drying up. 70 is the temperature in loudoun county. down to culpepper county. 68 is the reading. down in fredericksburg, 68 degrees too. look at the pinwheeling here coming around the area of low pressure that produced heavy rain last couple of days. that's headed up to the gulf of maine. you can see the west/northwesterly wind coming in too. breaks in the clouds around our area, so more sunshine for the day. can't rule out just an isolated light shower mainly north and east of the area by 95, baltimore there, and maybe even around howard county. frederick county, carroll county, could be a few light showers coming through the early part of the day. as we get into the afternoon,
5:54 am
anywhere, some isolated, very light showers are expected today. and as far as high temperatures go for today, oh, about 86 degrees, the temperature again. it's going to be a bit on the cooler side for us than what we've seen. partly sunny skies, breezy conditions. that wind could be gusting up to 20 miles an hour, 84, 87. evening forecast, not bad either. partly cloudy as we continue to dry out. gorgeous weather tomorrow, the high 88, lots of sunshine. then showers for thursday and friday. rails looking good for you. metro, marc, vre all running on or close to schedule. congestion starting toed b ebui. let's start with 270 south out of urbanna as you make your way towards the weigh station. west montgomery avenue on 270. it's not so bad.
5:55 am
your traffic starts to decrease as you head towards the spur. 95 as you head towards 395, you are going to hit the brakes as you pass fairfax county parkway. here's a look right now. on 95 north and south no accidents for you, but congestion is building out of dale city and continues as you make your way to 395. good news on 395. i don't see any accidents for you north or south. in fact, you're clear as you make the commute to the beltway. i'm back in ten minutes with another update. joe and eun, back to you. >> thanks very much, danella. the ticket amnesty program was set to expire but now will continue through september 9th. under the program, drivers who received tickets before january 1st, 2010, can pay them without having to worry about late fees. d.c. officials say so far they've collected nearly $400,000 in revenue in the first two weeks. d.c. councilmember tommy
5:56 am
wells spent the night in minnesota after a run-in with a deer. wells was driving his wife's prius in a neighborhood north of minneapolis when he hit a deer. the crash pushed the radiator up into the engine totaling the car. he is okay and hopes to be back for the start of school next week. workers at prince george's hospital center found what they believe is the chupacabra. they found the animal while taking a cigarette break. they trapped the creature using chicken and leftover chinese food before letting it go. >> it's a kangaroo, dog, rat mix that's got a rat tail and a head like a deer. i don't know what it is. >> news 4 contacted prince george's animal control. they in turn contacted the maryland department of wildlife for assistance, but no one could
5:57 am
tell us what kind of animal this is. our viewers have suggested a hairless dog, a coyote with mange or some species of rat. no way. no one has ever proved that the legendary, the mythical chupacabra even really exists. >> it's a rabbit in a halloween costume. >> it must be something. military home kcomummingoho moving. >> pets always welcome you when you come home. but this is the kind of homecoming you see when you've been gone for nearly a year. >> hey. did you not recognize me?video thunder paws, the great dane, welcoming his soldier home after serving nine months in the million tri. they tried to fool emmitt, but
5:58 am
they sniffed it out. he's very excited to see his owner home again. man's best friend. there's a reason we call them that. >> man's biggest friend. the kincaids live here. across the street, the padillas. ben and his family live here, too. ben's a re/max agent, and he's a big part of this community. there are lots of reasons why re/max agents average more sales than other agents. experience, certainly. but maybe it's also because they care about the markets they serve and the neighbors who rely on them. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today.
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